Winter Safety Tips for the Manufacturing Sector

There’s about 12,754 reported employees in the manufacturing sector since 2018, according to data from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each employee needs protection. On top of that, employees have to adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) guidelines just like their employer does. OSHA has these guidelines in place for a reason; without them, you’re exposed to hazards that can make your workplace unsafe.

OSHA found over 4,552 violations in hazard communications in 2018. That means that while the majority of manufacturing companies have measures in place that keep their employees safe, it’s still possible to be exposed to potential hazards. When there’s changes in seasons, manufacturers can often miss hazards that arise. And the thing is, winter often comes with additional liabilities. If you’re trying to stay safe, check out these winter safety tips for the manufacturing sector, courtesy of Occupational Health and Safety Online.

Driving During Delivery and Pickups

If you’re making regular trips with products, then it’s important that they’re properly equipped for the winter weather. Snow tires should be purchased and adequately inspected on the regular. Windshield wipers and fluid levels also need to be checked before any trips are made. Just like with any car, normal maintenance should always happen. Don’t put off the upkeep of a car. It could cause you trouble down the line. Car batteries can’t be put off and neither can the brakes. But if something does happen, ensure that the car has an emergency kit with a blanket, first aid kit and drinking water.

Icy Parking Lots and Walkways

Always keep your parking lot and walkways clean and accessible. It is a hazard to your employees if you can’t do something as simple as shovel up snow. You don’t want your employees to have to drudge through ice and snow in order to get to their desk. It’s also not safe because someone can fall.

Slick Floors: Slips and Falls

During the winter, your employees are going to track in debris from outside. It will include dirt, ice and snow. If you want to avoid any potential falls in your building, set up some rugs so employees can wipe off their feet.


Dry winter weather creates static. And static can be dangerous for delicate equipment. If temperatures inside are regulated at a normal level and employees are aware of the dangers of static, then there’s less to worry about. Also, high-quality insulated cables and wires can be helpful.

Other worries include keeping loading docks clean, having proper communication channels, awareness of electrical shocks and debris. There’s going to be ice, snow and water everywhere. It’s imperative to keep them clean. And finally, wear bulky clothing to protect from the weather and talk to your employees about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). During this hazardous time, it’s important that your operation be secured with NJ Manufacturers Insurance, to cover any claim that may arise.

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