Winery Marketing Through Events

Participating in local events is a great way to get your winery some publicity, to tell your story, and to create a buzz about your business. However, this keen opportunity could turn sour if you don’t have the product or the know-how to make these events successful. Therefore, in addition to equipping your operation with a comprehensive and tailor-made New Jersey Winery Insurance Program, heed the following advice.

Events put on by others.

Do some digging and find out what is happening, if the audience is the right fit, and how you can become involved. For example, you may want to consider exhibition openings at galleries, wine and food festivals, and jazz or music festivals. Wine and food festivals can be especially great if there is a panel or seminar speaker opportunity. Also, consider events that support local charities.  You will see there are a lot of opportunities in your local area once you start your research, suggests The Wine Foundry. Research events in your area that would be a good fit and get started on planning early.

These types of events typically come with a marketing campaign, whether it be social media, brand awareness, email blasts, gift bags, or the like. Don’t be afraid to tell the organizer which types of marketing you’d like, depending on what suits your needs.

Be sure to bring plenty of wine and business cards and ask for emails to join your mailing list. Take advantage of the foot traffic at these large events!

Events put on by you.

This is a time-consuming and often harrowing process, but can have a huge payoff in email sign ups and sales. Consider hosting events for media and blogger lunches, new product launches, winemaker dinners, and harvest parties. If you can partner with a local hotel, restaurant, or sommelier, this will make it all the more successful. Take advantage of this opportunity to sell and promote your wine, especially with credible sources endorsing your product.

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