Why You Need Renters Insurance

For most new renters, the idea of having your own place is one of the most rewarding experiences. Aside from having your own space and a place to hang your hat, you’ll need to understand the risks that come along with your newfound freedom. Even experienced renters should understand the full grasp of their exposures as renters. Carrying a Glen Rock Renters Insurance protects renters against theft, water and fire damage, and personal injury as well as other coverages that the renter may opt into.

Theft protection.

Anyone who owns property and valuable assets needs renters insurance to cover their assets. In the event your experience a break in, renters insurance will cover the damaged or stolen items. This standard policy covers the basics, but if you feel that you need more protection, you can opt to get specialized coverage for jewelry, electronics and more.

Water damage.

Since you share walls and plumbing with your neighbors in an apartment or condo building, it’s more likely that you’ll face some sort of leak or water valve issue during your residency. If your property is damaged or ruined, your renters insurance can replace those items.

Personal injury.

Most people do not plan for a personal injury claim, but a renter’s insurance policy can protect you from this risk. On average, a renter’s policy provides liability coverage from $100,000 to $500,000. If you desire more, or less, you can purchase up to $2 million or as little as $50,000 in liability coverage, explains Top Ten Reviews.

Fire damage.

If your building or apartment were to suffer fire or smoke damage, how would recover? Without renters insurance, your personal belongings would be lost unless you were able to pay out of pocket to replace them.

Renters insurance is an affordable and effective way to protect your personal belongings while you rent. On average, it can cost less than $1 a day and provide you with peace of mind should anything go awry.


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