When to Contact Your Homeowners Insurance Agent

When you own a home, it’s important to always be prepared for what the future may bring, and one thing’s for sure, there will be uncertainty. Situations can change as one grows older with their home, which is why preparation is key. Whether it’s marriage, divorce, or your kids moving out of your house, it may be time to contact your local homeowners insurance agent about your coverage. Certain life events can happen and they may change your insurance situation and needs. In all aspects, one could even argue to contact an insurance agent at least once a year, just to touch base.

This is when it’s time to contact your homeowners insurance agent for homeowners insurance, courtesy of Insurance Hub:

  • Buying a House – Purchasing a new home is going to be one of the top reasons that a homeowners insurance agent should be contacted. Once you buy a home, you have to insure it; it’s a given. A home is a massive investment, which is why it’s good to protect your home from situations like fire or theft. Another thing to note is that you’re going to need enough insurance to rebuild from the ground up. Make sure to communicate your needs to your insurance agent.
  • Home Renovations – Changing portions of your home can actually impact your homeowners insurance. If you do any significant home renovations, it could actually raise the value of your home; this means you’ll have to ultimately raise your insurance coverage limits.
  • Getting Married – Marriage changes everything. Once you’re married, you’re combining both households and vehicles. You might be able to qualify for an auto discount after you get married, so contact an insurance agent as soon as possible to find out what benefits you may qualify for.
  • Gaining Valuable Jewelry or Art – Expensive property needs extra insurance. Contact an insurance agent once you’ve made some pricey purchases.
  • Retirement – Once you retire, you might move somewhere new. This requires a change in your homeowners insurance.
  • Buying or Selling a Business – Buying or selling a business means that you’re changing the assets you own. That’s why it’s important to tell your insurance agent about any plans you may have.

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