Want to Sell Your Home Quickly? Never Discuss This With Buyers

In our last blog, we gave you some key insights into selling your home promptly. If you’re in need of making a quick sale, there are some things you need to avoid when it comes to showing your home to prospective buyers. Even if you’re represented by an agent, there are plenty of average scenarios where a buyer wants to come see the house with their agent and yours is not present. If that’s the case, no sweat. Just be sure to leave the house when they arrive and prevent putting your foot in your mouth by engaging with any of the following conversations. Whenever you move, don’t forget to protect your current and future home with a customized Glen Rock Home Insurance policy.

A seller doesn’t have to be present for the entire home tour to say the wrong thing. There are also times when a tenant might be uncooperative, which could require that the seller be present during showings. Tenants might not respond to a listing agent or a buyer’s agent’s requests for showings and prefer to open the door only for the owner. A seller might not allow an agent to secure a lockbox to the home and insist on showing themselves, warns The Balance. There are plenty of different scenarios where buyers and sellers would interact, but avoid the following:

  • The length of time the home has been on the market – If it’s been on the market for longer than the typical sales in the area, the buyer might be motivated to offer a lower sales price than it’s listed for.
  • The home’s imperfections – Let the buyer form their own opinion about the home rather than telling him or her the things that are potentially wrong with it. Not only is this not good etiquette, you might sway the seller into buying a different home instead.
  • Price reduction considerations – This should go without saying, but never offer to lower the price of the home just because the buyer asked. In fact, you should just refer them to your agent for those types of questions.
  • Why you decided to sell – Whether you’re in a financial bind, want to downside, or you’re moving away, you don’t need to disclose the reason why you’re selling.

The best way for you to deflect these questions is to refer them to your real estate agent. After all, if you’re paying an agent, you want to use their expertise as much as possible. Remember, if you’re home during a showing, your job is to leave the home and stay out of their way, not try to influence their decision one way or the other.


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