Want to Reduce Your Motorcycle Insurance? Try This

Whether you just purchased a new motorcycle or you’re shopping around for new coverage, chances are you’re looking for some discounts on your new policy. While there is no guarantee that all of these will apply to your specific situation, becoming informed about Glen Rock Motorcycle Insurance can better position yourself to get the best rate available. Read on to discover how you can reduce your motorcycle monthly premiums.

Choose an older model.

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, it’s a well-known fact that older models and those with less horsepower are cheaper to insure. The cheaper it is to maintain and replace parts, the less expensive the premium will be.

Avoid modifications.

Choosing a bike with lots of modifications will probably raise the price of your premium, as they may be considered more expensive to repair or replace and may be more attractive to thieves, says Go Compare.

Pay in full.

If possible, paying your premium up front for the entire year rather than in monthly installments usually warrants a discount.

Park it in a garage.

Shelter minimizes the damage, vandalism and theft that your motorbike is subjected to. Parking your bike in the garage will correlate to a discount, as well.

Save the mileage.

The purpose of getting a motorcycle is being able to take it out on the road and enjoy it. However, using your bike as a primary commuting vehicle can up the premium. If you only use your motorcycle sporadically, or on weekends, this will reflect in your insurance cost.

Pay only for what you need.

If your motorcycle isn’t your primary vehicle, you likely don’t need to carry rental coverage, for example. Or, if you’re the only one in your household who will ride the bike, you don’t need to carry excess coverage to protect other named drivers. Ask your insurance agent what’s functional for your lifestyle and only pay for what you need.


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