Using Company Cars? Implement These Policies to Prevent Accidents

When your job requires travel, it’s inevitable that accidents will eventually happen. It’s not even always about your employee on the road. There’s others out there that make dire mistakes while driving that put others at risk.

Every 12 minutes, someone dies in a motor vehicle crash, with a crash happening every five seconds, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). While most company car accidents occur on personal time, about 40 percent occur while on the job, experts have found.

Having comprehensive coverage is a no brainer, which is why every business needs to consider a commercial insurance program that includes business auto coverage. Covering every base is the safe thing to do. If your business is using company cars, implementing these policies to prevent accidents could save you from going to the worst case scenario.

Create a Safe Driving Program For Employees

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for people of all ages. While an accident doesn’t necessarily have to be fatal, there’s always going to be a residual impact from what transpired. Don’t be surprised when more than one person is affected by a car crash: there’s friends, family members and other coworkers to think about.

Implementing a drivers safety program starts with the goal of keeping your workers safe. Doing this means that you are helping save the lives of your employees; it’s not just about fatalities, there’s also life-altering injuries that can transpire.

Having a program in place means that your commercial auto insurance isn’t your first resort. It’s an essential way to protect company and personal assets. Overall, it’s a great way to protect a company from personal liability when a crash happens on the job.

By instilling a “be safe” work culture, you’re giving back to the community. Practicing proper driving techniques and rewarding those who continue to have consistently safe behavior can be more helpful than you know. Remember to remind employees that many crashes are completely preventable, making vigilance while driving crucial.

Vital Steps That Lead to Less Accidents on the Road

Not only is senior management involvement necessary, but having that kind of commitment helps provide role models for the rest of the employees. Having leadership that’ll guide others through policies and resources is a great way to set up employees for success while driving.

Employee participation helps bring more awareness forward, especially for those who may be in the process of onboarding. Putting down policies in writing for employees to read thoroughly and sign is also the next step needed to help prevent accidents on the road. Giving employees this sense of responsibility is crucial.

When rules are followed, offer incentives. Background checks and DMV records can be pulled for safe measure. Routine maintenance on cars will help prevent from a problem that’ll fall on  company shoulders.

For example, a seatbelt should be worn every time an employee gets in a company car. Not having one can prove to be disastrous fast, and it will also impact any commercial auto insurance claim made. When rules are broken, make sure disciplinary action is taken promptly.

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