The 3 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

The 3 Habits of Successful Real Estate AgentsA real estate agent’s style is as unique as their personality. Whether you’re laid back, calm, or flamboyant, it takes time and practice to perfect your technique. However, regardless of your style, there are three successful habits that agents of all types have in common. In addition to discovering the habits of successful agents, secure your firm with a comprehensive Glen Rock Real Estate E&O insurance.

Lightning fast communication.

When someone submits an inquiry about a listing or requests a meeting to discuss their buying needs, successful real estate agents respond in a timely manner. Agents who take the extra time to talk to nervous clients, give them peace of mind, and provide advice and resources are more likely to convert a lead into a sale. Remember, in such a digital age, customers want instant gratification. If you can’t find the time to respond to inquiries, these leads will seek out agents who can!


Successful realtors also make the habit of explaining their process with prospective and current clients. Clients want to know that you are working hard for them and putting in effort to find them their dream home.

Like straight-A students doing math homework, successful agents show their work. When they meet with the client for the first time they explain the process, the potential roadblocks, and a few scenarios that could occur. They let the client know that they are negotiating, they keep in regular communication, and they adjust their strategy as needed, explains Realtor.


Being a top agent requires more than just waiting for clients to be sent your way. Instead, network with local contractors, lenders, appraisers, and insurance providers to foster more business. Work together to provide references and guide your clients through the entire home buying process. If you recommend one of these experts, they are more likely to do the same for you.


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