Successful Brewery Habits: Beer Basics Training

Good Brewery Practices > Proper Training

In our last blog, we covered some of the key habits that all successful breweries possess. In a competitive space, there are various things that each brewery can do to stand out. However, one thing is for certain: training knowledgeable waitstaff to serve your customers. Craft beers all have a unique story and flavor profile, so your waitstaff should be knowledgeable enough to do it justice and sell more beer. In addition to reading on, protect your entire operation with a Glen Rock Brewery Insurance policy.

The 4 P’s.

The first steps in training your waiters and bartenders is to start with the four P’s: Portion, Preparation, Presentation, Price.

  • Portion: Train servers and bartenders to suggest a larger portion. Explain the dynamic of the proper beer glass that their beer will be served in to maximize flavor, and sell them on the value.
  • Preparation: Explain how the beer is made, its flavor notes, and its aftertaste.
  • Presentation: What does the beer look like? When your servers can accurately describe the beer, they’ll create interest and sales: “Our wheat beer is light and hoppy, served with an orange wedge to enhance the flavor,” suggests Service That Sells.
  • Price: Your servers should obviously know the price of all of the craft beers, including seasonal ones and the different size options.


A great way to get your service staff acquainted with the beers is to have them identify what each one pairs with. From fish to red meat and everything in between, there is always a beer complement. For example, play a game and offer a prize for whoever can identify the most pairings in the shortest amount of time.

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