Staffing for Success: Winery Hiring Tips

Every business owner knows that quality employees are the backbone to their success. While quality grapes and wines are likely at the forefront of your priorities, finding knowledgeable employees should be equally as important. In addition to passion for your business and the right personality to thrive, heed the following advice for scouting eligible employees for your staff. In addition, ensure your operation is backed by a comprehensive Glen Rock Winery General Liability Insurance policy.

Hiring qualified workers.

Finding strong applicants can pose a significant challenge for winery owners. As there is plenty of competition, it’s important to filter through the ones who you feel would be the best fit for your business. Bear in mind that generic interview questions don’t always showcase a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, so plan ahead and create a detailed job description of the position you wish to fill. Make your expectations clear from the start and prepare a thoughtful list of interview questions to compare all of the candidates.

Perfect the onboarding process.

Investing in an initial training period not only helps to assure that your new staff members get up to speed on everything they need to know as quickly as possible, but also allows the new employee feel more comfortable on the job right from the start, which can help increase overall job satisfaction and long-term retention, says Beverage Dynamics.

Offer ongoing training.

From new store policies to product knowledge, ongoing educational opportunities should always be recognized. Take the time to keep employees informed, have them attend regular tastings, and get familiar with distributors. This will ensure they are staying on top of trends and the market and can sell more wine to your customers!

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