Should Your Nonprofit Organization Close for the Holidays?

With the end of the year upon us all, more people are pushing to give charitably. In fact, in a recent survey from the National Center for Charitable Statistics, almost half of people that were surveyed were effectively giving more during the holiday season. But can the season of giving keep happening even if your employees go on a little break?

People want to take breaks during this season: go on vacation, stay at home, be with friends and family; nonprofit organizations are no different. If there’s only a few people who stay in town to work, then your business can’t effectively run. Many nonprofit organizations have a tough decision to make: stay open while understaffed or close your doors for a matter of time until your employees come back. It might seem scary closing your doors for the holidays, but it can actually be substantially beneficial for your employees and your business. Here is a look at what may happen if your organization closes for the holidays, courtesy of the organization Nonprofits First.

Handling Issues With Closing During the Holidays

Whether it’s for a few days or for a week or two, giving your employees some much-needed time off can do wonders for company morale. But not every company can afford that luxury; some businesses are small and already short-staffed, meaning that closing could be a scary prospect for them. But all in all, it can be done. There’s going to be some organizations that need someone running their business during the season, but arrangements can be made so everyone is taken care of. When thinking about the decision to close during the holidays, think about this: you don’t want anyone to be burned out from work. Arrangements can be made to make the time off happen. Plan ahead every year for this time, and you’ll be able to handle it when it comes around.

Benefits of Closing During the Holidays

Everyone needs a break sometime, whether it’s a big project or small project that your organization is working on. If you’re trying to improve employee productivity, reduce illness and prevent burnout from happening, then taking a break could be essential for your business during the holidays. All in all, closing down shop during the holidays shows your employees and the local community that you care about their wellbeing. It shows that you want your employees to spend time with their friends and family during a time when it matters most. Recharge work habits and company morale through a short break, even if it’s only for a few days.

They key to shutting down for the holidays is careful preparation. If you plan ahead, then your clients, the business and employees will be taken care of. Even if your business is closed and your employees are at home, it’s important to maintain a commercial insurance coverage for nonprofits in order to keep your business property protected while you’re away, and ensure that should anything unexpected happen while you’re not there, it can still be taken care of.

It’s vital to take time off to breathe, whether it’s during the holidays or not. Whatever your choice, you’ll be able to better effectively run a nonprofit if you take a little breather. 

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