Maintaining a Ski Resort During the Off-Season

Maintaining a ski resort is a year-round job that requires knowledge of snow and how the alpine commercial industry functions. Sometimes, there won’t be much snow. While this year has been a good year so far for resorts, there will eventually be an off-season. And with an off-season comes the dreaded downtime. If you’re an owner of a ski resort, there’s a few things that you can do during the off-season that will effectively help keep your resort ready for when it does start to snow, besides having alpine commercial insurance. Check out this small list of ways to help maintain your ski resort during the off-season, courtesy of Mintek:

  • An Operable Ski Lift is a Happy Ski Lift – One of the biggest money makers is the ski lift. An inoperable ski lift means that no one can use it, thus resulting in a loss of valuable time and revenue. Check your entire line for any type of wear and tear, including corrosion, lubrication and structural defects. If your ski lift is constantly breaking, it’s time to invest in a new one. You lose out on money every time your ski lift goes down. Alpine commercial insurance also covers equipment, giving you the ability to stay safe and up-to-date.
  • Check your Furnace for Extra Soot – Since it’s generally pretty cold around a ski resort, it’s good to make sure that you check the chimneys, wood stoves, fireplaces and anywhere designed to be heated up. Cleaning these things out is imperative because having extra soot backup can become a hazard later on, as well as a headache.
  • Emergency Paths and Fire Trails Should Be Maintained – Considering you’re on a mountain, it’s always good to make sure your emergency paths and fire trails are still good to go in the event of an emergency. Check for road blockages–any blocked paths can prove to be a hazard during an emergency.
  • Make Sure your Avalanche Barriers are Good to Go – An annual check of your avalanche barriers is recommended. Check to make sure your structures are physically sound. Every year, snow buildup can cause minor avalanches. While alpine commercial insurance can cover you in the event of an avalanche, it’s always good to take preventative measures.
  • Maintain your Ski and Snowboarding Runs – It’s a good idea to check your runs daily, even during the off season. Look for bare patches, debris and other obstructions that can cause an accident.

Maintaining an alpine ski resort is both time consuming and taxing, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Let David G. Sayles Insurance Services keep you covered so you can worry about the rest.

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