Low-Cost Safety Training to Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims

As a responsible business owner, you are likely aware of how important it is to implement safety procedures in your workplace. However, with limited resources, it might be a challenge to provide all of the resources and tools your employees need to promote a safe workplace. There are two solutions to mitigating your risk. First, obtain a comprehensive Glen Rock Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy and second, implement a low-cost safety training program.

The Workers’ Comp Gazette explains that one of the best ways to reduce accidents on the job is employee engagement. Here’s how to do this with little cost to your bottom line.

  • Provide incentives for employees to participate in safety procedures. This could mean gift certificates to local bars or restaurants, a vacation day, etc.
  • Document the proper way to lift, carry and maneuver heavy items by taking digital photographs and making a PowerPoint. Customize this presentation to incorporate all the necessary safety procedures in your industry.
  • Avoid purchasing generic safety videos as they will only be a waste of money if they do not cover your specific risk profile.
  • Implement group training programs that are hosted by management. Keep it short to prevent wasting time and money by following a written agenda.
  • Brainstorm with employees to create a slogan to remind all workers to use best practices and minimize the risk of injury on the job.


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