Liquor Liability Insurance: What Is It & Why Do You Need It for Your Brewery?

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What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

As a brewery owner who serves alcohol to many guests on a daily basis, you bear a major responsibility for the safety of your patrons on and off the premises.  If an intoxicated customer is injured as a result of their own actions, or that of another customer, you may be found liable for the costs of their injuries and recovery.  Liquor liability insurance helps cover all or part of the costs relating to the medical bills of the injured person, legal expenses if they decide to sue your brewery, and even lost wages if they are unable to work as a result of their injury.


Why Does Your Brewery Need a Liquor Liability Policy?

New Jersey is one of several states with “dram shop” laws in place that allow injured persons to bring a claim against a business that served or sold alcohol to someone who then went on to cause an alcohol-related accident.  Selling beer on a daily basis comes with the inherent risk that a customer could overconsume your products and then go on to cause injury to themselves or another person while impaired.  You probably are automatically insured under a commercial general liability policy, but unfortunately, this does not cover claims arising from the overconsumption of alcohol.  While you and your employees should know the signs of intoxication and when to cut a customer off, sometimes accidents are unavoidable.  In this case, a comprehensive liquor liability policy will help protect your brewery’s finances and mitigate damages arising from a claim.


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