Key Questions to Ask Your Commercial Insurance Agent About Your Policy

The United States holds the largest commercial liability market, according to a 2014 Swiss Re study, outpacing every other global market. Long story short, the U.S. is very concerned with insurance policies, and you and your business should be too. When trying to find the right insurance for you or your business, make sure to ask your insurance agent the right questions. Policies are deep and lengthy, and can sometimes get confusing.

Making a list of question to ask, whether big or small, can be especially helpful. With David G. Sayles Insurance in Glen Rock, it’s as easy as talking to your commercial insurance agent to get covered. Whether it’s your home, car or business, there’s a policy perfect for you.

Some Things to Ask About Your Insurance Policy

Your list might be a little different depending on what you need to ask, but keep in mind these basic questions, courtesy of Insureon:

  • What does my policy cover? What’s not covered? It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting out of your policy, and if you’re a business, it’s important to know what you’re getting and what your employees are getting. Coverage for management often differs from standard employee coverage, and if you have part-time employees, interns, or volunteers, the coverage could grow even more muddled. Do not just assume that everything and everyone will be covered.
  • What if I have a claim? A question more for businesses. Find out what happens on both the business side and your employees side when you have to submit an employee claim to the company. What happens to the company after it has been submitted?
  • What if I have to file a claim? Find out how exactly you are covered and how you aren’t, and what the claims process is.
  • Do I have enough protection for everyone? This is one of the biggest insurance questions. Make sure that all of your personal or business needs are being met. It’s crucial to make sure your entire business is covered, just like how you would for you family at home. Your commercial insurance agent will be able to tailor to what you need.
  • What are my policy limits? Find out if your policy goes far enough for you. Is there anything you can do about those limits?
  • How to I expand my overall protection? Find out if umbrella insurance is needed to expand your protection.
  • What is the best way to pay for my coverage? Am I paying my premium all at once to get covered?

While it depends on what it’s for, the most basic questions can apply across the board. Searching for the right insurance can be hectic, but with a good list of inquiries, you can find it quickly. When you need coverage in New Jersey, look to David G. Sayles Insurance in Glen Rock.

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