If Your Nonprofit Employs Social Workers, It’s Time to Understand the Liabilities

Social work professionals deal with difficult issues and often times even more difficult clients. Similar to other professionals who work with the public, social work professionals can often make mistakes and lawsuits can easily follow. It is important to consider your risks when social work is involved and know how to prevent a potential nonprofit lawsuit.

One of the most important questions to ask is whether you have proper protection. Many social workers who work for nonprofits are covered under the policies of their employers, but this is not always the case. Does your agency’s coverage protect your social workers? Are your social workers properly licensed and trained, in order to always act properly?

The Risk of Subpoena

It is important that social workers are prepared for official subpoenas when lawsuits and criminal matters occur. They might be forced to miss work in order to testify, and could suffer costs as a result of those subpoenas. A strong insurance policy can protect them against these unknown professional factors.

Social Worker Requirements

Depending on the type of nonprofit agency, either you or the social worker may be required to carry a certain amount of liability insurance in order to hold true to contract or for them to remain employed. Generally speaking, these entities will require the social worker to carry insurance with appropriate limits to protect themselves in the event that someone files a lawsuit. Most nonprofits who employ social workers require them to hold a $3,000,000 aggregate claims policy. This offers enough protection to withstand a relatively large nonprofit lawsuit. 

How Much Risk Can You Withstand?

If you don’t require that your employees obtain their own coverage or you don’t cover them, then you have to ask yourself a question about the risk you take on. Professionals agree that going on without insurance is a serious risk. If you are sued or if something goes wrong, you could lose your business or your personal assets. Businesses that are risk-averse should certainly consider the repercussions of a nonprofit lawsuit. It is important to remember that even if social workers do everything in their power to work in a professional manner, nonprofit lawsuits can still arise, as it is simply the nature of working closely with clients. 

Social workers must think about the virtue of adequate coverage. Whether they need it depends upon their employer situation, their requirements, and just how much risk they can capacitate. In just about every nonprofit lawsuit case, social workers will highly benefit from obtaining a proper insurance policy. On your end, as the nonprofit organization, you can do your part to reduce the risk of costly lawsuits or claims by obtaining a nonprofit insurance program that is designed to address these risk exposures.

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