How Your Nonprofit Can Improve its Fundraising Efforts

A day in the life of a nonprofit often involves a lot of work, and to top it off, funds might be spread thin. That’s when fundraising comes in. In 2017, the overall charitable giving in the United States increased 4.1 percent on a year over year basis, according to Blackbaud Institute’s annual charitable giving report. The biggest nonprofits wouldn’t exist without any support—without supporters, nothing would get done.

In the age of technology, one can get creative with fundraising. Here’s some ways your nonprofit can improve its fundraising efforts, courtesy of Higher Logic:

Give Supporters a Place to Engage

One good way to really utilize the online community is by giving your supporters a place where they can congregate and discuss things that have to do with your nonprofit. Even having a Facebook page alone is incredibly helpful. It gives readers a way to check out the things that your nonprofit is currently working on, like special projects or upcoming events. By including videos, blogs and podcasts to your page, you’re really letting supporters be involved. To top it off, if someone looks up your nonprofit and finds an entire community behind it, it just makes your nonprofit look that much more credible. Make sure to keep up with regular updates for both new and returning donors.

Use Online Activity Data to Your Advantage

A little analytics never hurt anyone. Pay attention to page visits and downloads—you’ll be able to tell who’s a first time donor and a repeat. You’ll also be able to find out when people are ready to donate for the first time. Online giving grew 12.1 percent from 2016, and it’s more important than ever in this day and age to be using technology to your advantage. Once you pinpoint those who may be ready to make a contribution, start shooting them emails.

Appeal to Emotions

People buy things based on how they feel. And when you cater to emotion, you can get donations. It’s all about appealing to a consumer’s emotions. By building an emotional connection, you’re ensuring that people will donate to your nonprofit again and again. Pay attention to content that really pushes your mission statement and brand as a whole. These are the types of things that inspire action. It’s all about forming lasting connections with your donors.

Make Giving Easy

If it’s simple to donate, people will do it again. Here’s some tips:

  • Streamline—make it easy to read.
  • Pre-populate forms—make it easy to fill out.
  • Add recurring donation options—make it easy to give more than once.
  • Brand your donation forms—make it easy to spot your nonprofit.

Whether your nonprofit is large or small, make sure that you’ve protected it with a business insurance program, so you can focus fully on your mission.

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