How to Safeguard Your Home and Valuables Against Theft

Safeguarding cash, jewelry, and other valuable items is an important part of home security. There are obvious risks associated with keeping large amounts of cash, valuable jewelry, and expensive artwork in your home, which is why securing Glen Rock homeowners insurance is so important. Luckily, there are creative ways to help protect your cash, jewelry, and other high-value items from home theft. 

Install Security Cameras

A home security camera is one of the top deterrents for thieves. Surveillance cameras are affordable and easy to install and use. Installing a security camera at each entry point can be surprisingly effective, and a great simple way to keep burglars at bay.

Keep a Safe Cash Stash 

If a burglar breaks into your home, typically the first thing they will look for is a security safe, as they know that is where people keep their most valuable items. Many safes are not quite as unbreakable as they profess to be. You will need to think outside the box. Better options to hide cash include: 

  • Inside a book. (Just keep the bills from sticking out.)
  • In a bag stashed at the back of your freezer.
  • In the back of your sock drawer. (Stuff bills in the toe of unused socks.)
  • In the pocket of an old jacket in your closest
  • Buried in your backyard in a secure jar or plastic container (Just make sure you have a marker to go by when it comes time to dig it up.) 

The most direct way to secure your cash from home break-ins and theft is to take it to the bank. 

Protecting Jewelry  

Don’t keep expensive jewelry in a jewelry box, as it will be the first place a thief will look.

Creative hiding places include:

  • In a fake bottom of a potted plant
  • In an envelope taped to the bottom of a dresser drawer
  • Inside an old coffee cup stashed in the back of your cabinet 
  • Inside a fake/hallowed book. (A bit cliché, but as long as you choose one that looks real you should be fine.)

Keeping your home safe from break-ins begins with making your home a less tempting target. Avoid throwing containers and boxes of your expensive jewelry in the outside trash bin. 

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