How to Reduce the Risk of Accidents in the Workplace

Some workplace accidents may be inevitable, but there are many methods you can use to mitigate your risks.  In many cases, workplace injuries are the direct result of not following safety precautions. Injuries can occur in any place of employment and every New Jersey business should take advantage of workers’ compensation insurance. But what about before the accident strikes? Here are some of the most effective ways to instill a positive workplace safety culture.

Keep Workspaces Clean

Most people don’t assume cleanliness is a deterrent to accidents but workplace order actually does diminish the chance of injury. A well-maintained work environment greatly decreases the chance of accidents.

A cluttered, dirty workspace is hazard-prone and can also make efficiency very difficult. Require that staff adhere to all cleaning protocols and encourage them to take pride in their workspace. Also, post signs reminding employees of proper safety procedures in spaces where those specific procedures should be practiced.

Train, Train, Train

Employers must provide proper training. All staff must be thoroughly trained for their particular position. This includes teaching them how to use equipment and follow safety procedures during their course of work.

Provide Adequate Equipment

All staff must also be equipped for their specific duties. Equipment may vary greatly in different industries and even departments, but making sure that each individual is provided with the tools needed to do their work in a safe manner is worth every penny. Under no circumstances should employees perform functions without the proper equipment.

Avoid Shortcuts

Using a detailed, careful, and specific approach in all operations can make all the difference! Accidents commonly occur not due to unknown safety precautions, but because people take shortcuts when they’re in a rush or very familiar with their tasks.

Report Everything 

It is important that all dangers and accidents are properly reported. Encourage staff to bring any foreseeable danger to management’s attention. Different states have varying response time requirements for injury reporting. Workers’ compensation in New Jersey will often cover injuries and all medical bills associated with injuries and may include compensation for time off work during recovery. In many cases, workers’ compensation will still apply if the injured employee was at fault in causing the injury. 

When an accident first occurs, the immediate response should be to report it and contact your insurance provider to inquire about workers’ compensation coverage. An injury that is at first seemingly minor, can end up being more serious down the line. It’s important to report any injury immediately so hazards can be addressed. Even if the employee wasn’t seriously injured, reporting the incident can provide information to update protocols in hopes to prevent future accidents.

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