How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for the Holidays

The Blackbaud Index recently reported that overall charitable giving to nonprofits increased 4.1 percent and online giving increased 5.2 percent from October, comparing from last year’s prior data. Sure, some nonprofits close down for the holidays to take a quick and much needed break. But some stay open, since October to December is the time when people really want to give back to their community. If your nonprofit is heavy on fundraising, then there’s a lot that can be done over the holidays to prepare. It’s time to bust out winter clothes and that giving spirit.  Show your donors that their support is essential. Here’s how to get your nonprofit for the holidays, courtesy of Stericycle Communication Solutions.

  1. Place a Phone Call – Sure, we live in a digital age. But some people still just prefer a donation to be handled simply over the phone. Baby boomers still represent a good chunk of the population (23.6 percent), meaning that they are still using old ways of communication. Phone calls are seen as something that’s personable and interactive. A phone conversation needs to be unscripted and casual, though professional. If you can handle a good phone call, then you’ll be able to pull more donations through phone calls.
  2. Optimize Your Website – A website needs to always be clear and concise, that way you’ll pull in more donations. If people can easily give back online, you’re opening up another interactive avenue for your donors. About 33 percent of online donations were made in the month of December alone, meaning that it’s imperative to have a fully functional website. This is the best way to interact with others: through music, videos, photo, blogs, features and upcoming events. You can even write profiles on your donors, giving them a little opportunity to shine.
  3. Send a Text Message – If you aren’t already using text message to get donor messages across, then you’re missing out on an entire large audience of possible people willing to donate. It’s not that people don’t want to give. They do. In fact, 49 percent of Generation X donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. Text messaging is one of the best ways to keep your client base in-the-know with the latest events and opportunities to volunteer.
  4. Use Direct Mail – While mail might seem like an archaic thing of the past, the majority of people are actually still utilizing its services. People still check their mail, and everyone that does that is a potential donor for the nonprofit. And during this time of year, people are on the lookout for holiday cards, meaning more people are going to be opening their mail. This is the best time to push any volunteer operations or donation opportunities. 88 percent of the Greatest Generation donates to fundraisers annually. This is the generation that is really accessible through direct contact via phone or mail.

No matter what you choose to do with your nonprofit organization during this holiday season—whether you close your doors to give your employees a rest or run special holiday programs—it is important that you have a commercial insurance program tailored for nonprofit organizations. This is the most wonderful time of the year, and you don’t want an unexpected claim to ruin that. Happy holidays!

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