How to Keep Your Home Secure Against Unwanted Summertime Pests

It’s summer, and that means the insects are everywhere. Wasps, termites, ants: they have all the time in the world to try to intrude upon your home. How can you keep your property secure from these villainous pests? Here are a few important tips for warm weather pest prevention.

Start With the Right Pest Control Service

Look for a pest control service that provides “barrier control.” Barrier control is when the pest control service lays down poison around the perimeter of your home, to prevent insects from crossing into your property. This usually has to be renewed quarterly. In addition to that, make sure they offer service calls. If you spot an insect armada, call your pest service immediately to take care of it.

Clear Up the Shrubs and Plants

A pest-free home starts with organization and cleaning. Shrubs, bushes, and other plants that are close to your home will attract pests. Cut back anything that’s too close to your walls and keep the area clean of leaves and other debris. In particular, termites tend to nest in brush, leaves, and fallen branches. Eventually, they may enter your home while foraging.

Manage Your Moisture

Most pests actually aren’t attracted by food, they’re attracted by water. Even insects need water to live. Any standing water around your home is going to attract bugs. If there are areas that your sprinklers leave puddles in, it’s time to recalibrate the sprinklers. Likewise, make sure your gutters are draining, and they haven’t gotten blocked by leaves.

Take Care of Your Trash

If cockroaches are your problem, it’s probably your trash. Avoid throwing out food until trash day comes around, and rinse out your trash can after it’s emptied. Cockroaches will easily jump the gap between your trash can and your home if they’re lured in, and they can be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of.

Plant a Helpful Garden

If you have an outdoor garden, consider planting plants and flowers that deter pests. Marigolds and mint are two types of attractive plant that insects don’t like: marigolds deter almost every insect, while mint deters ants. Meanwhile, lavender gets rid of moths, and citronella will reduce mosquitoes. You can create a garden that’s both attractive and useful!

But what happens when the pests, well, become pests? If you have termite damage or other major damage to your home, it’s time to check in on your homeowners insurance policy. There’s only so much you can do against pests, and there’s always the chance that they can get in. Contact us today to make sure you’re protected.

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