How to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer (Without Wasting Money and Energy)

The average temperature for Summer 2019 could be hotter than historical records in both the coasts and the central United States. This means that you are going to be cranking your air conditioning and fans on full blast all morning long and maybe even throughout the night. If you aren’t careful with your energy usage, expect your utility bills to go way up.

Keep your energy bill low this summer with three easy techniques for your specific floor plan, courtesy of Popular Mechanics.

The Cross Breeze

If you live in a single floor plan, the best technique for your home would be the Cross Breeze.

First, you should determine which wall of the house is the coolest, because that would indicate where that the breeze is coming from. Now, you want to be strategic about which windows you open because opening a window that has a warm breeze blowing in is definitely not going to help cool your house. After selecting which window to open, open the window and this should help circulate the air through the path of the house. On the opposite end of the house, open a window to release the warm air. But what if there isn’t a breeze? Use a portable fan! Place the fan out the window and as it blows the hot air out of the room, cold air replaces it. Goodbye warm air!

The Thermal Chimney

The Thermal Chimney method is the most suitable for houses with multiple floor plans.

It only requires opening two windows—a window on the ground floor and a window on an opposite wall on the highest floor (usually a vent in the attic). Typically, warm air collects at the top of the house because heated air is less dense than cooler air. As cool air floods into the ground floor, it will rise to the higher floors and absorb any heat. This is very similar to the process of a vacuum. This summer, you should check if your attic can be ventilated. The number of degrees dropped with a vented attic is significant—almost 30 degrees cooler! Now that is going to save you money.

Making Your Own Cool Air

There is even an alternative for those who want to great creative this summer.

Let’s say your floor plan does not have an existing air conditioner. Here are instructions on how to make your own air conditioner! All of the supplies for this hack can be bought at any convenience or standard household store.

  1. Purchase a large Styrofoam cooler (Make sure the lid is large because you will be cutting a hole based on the size of your fan).
  2. Trace your fan on the lid of the cooler. Cut around the outline you just traced.
  3. Trace and cut holes for outlets so that air push out. Find a tube or pipe so that the air can be directed. Pipe cleaners or toilet paper rolls will work best.
  4. Fill the cooler with ice. Blocks of ice are suggested because they take the longest to melt.
  5. Place the lid on the cooler and attach the fan face down into the cut out of the lid.
  6. Turn the fan on.

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