Habits of a Lucrative Brewery

In the last few years, craft breweries have sprouted up in every big city across the nation. With so much competition in the beer space now, it’s time to evaluate your practices and determine whether they are sustainable and competitive. While craft breweries were once a novelty, they are now flooding the market. Therefore, in addition to protecting your operation with a comprehensive Glen Rock Brewery Insurance policy, consider the following habits that all successful breweries possess.

Knowledgeable staff.

According to Craft Beer, the more knowledge the waitstaff has, the more beer an establishment will likely sell. Being able to recommend beers that match a customer’s preferences is an easy way to build trust. If a customer says he likes amber ale, a server who can thoughtfully offer an English-style mild will get a better response than one who suggests something with a totally different flavor profile, ­like a tart Belgian-style Flanders. As a growing market, your customers want to learn about the beer, how it’s made, the process, and best flavor pairings. Hire someone who already has the knowledge or put in the time to train everyone to get on the same page.

Stock up.

Your customers can’t write rave reviews about your signature beers if you sell out. Keep your customers’ favorites on tap and on the shelves. Assign an employee with ample experience to oversee the buying process and keep plenty of beers in stock.

Use the right glassware.

A simple mistake such as serving a beer in the wrong type of glass can be a major downfall for a startup brewery. Some beers are meant to be enjoyed in specific glassware, so show your expertise by getting it right.


Spotless glassware, clean counters, and swept floors are a must for any brewery. Be mindful of the little things that can impact a customer’s experience negatively to ensure your reputation is a positive one.

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