Fundraising Boosting Tips for Nonprofits

All nonprofits require donations and funding in order to survive. As these financial contributions allow for their daily operations to continue, many nonprofits require consistent funding from outside sources. With that in mind, it’s always wise to become familiar with various fundraising strategies to boost donations year-round. In addition, ensure your operation is protected against the wide scope of risks you face with a comprehensive Bergen County Nonprofit Insurance program.

Ask for the donation.

This might seem uncouth or even taboo, but you won’t receive donations if you don’t ask for the support. Take pride in your nonprofit and its mission and motivate others to join in on the cause. Once you overcome this mental hurdle of asking for the money, you will open up your earning potential significantly.

Don’t procrastinate.

You might have a lengthy to-do list, but waiting and putting off donations are not the answer. Remember, timing is everything. While it might be easier to garner contributions around the holidays, this doesn’t mean you can’t collect money throughout the rest of the year. Alejandro Moreno, a financial analyst and fundraiser told, “We never want people to procrastinate. We don’t want people to hit goals; we want them to exceed them. Email people the minute you start…once you’re in training, you will lose a lot of free time and energy.”

Compel the audience.

A sense of urgency and empathy is critical here. Explain your message, show how their contributions will impact the organization, and showcase how your nonprofit plans to resolve or prevent an issue. Nonprofits are in place to better their communities, so show its residents how they can get involved.

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