Frugal Homeownership 101

The rising amount of money in your savings account is a testament to your frugality, and that’s something to be proud of. However, home ownership often requires you to spend money on things you might not want to in order to keep the home looking and functioning perfectly. Venturing past frugality and being cheap when it comes to repairs and maintenance can be a costly mistake, so knowing when to spend the money is something every homeowner should know. In addition to considering the following advice, secure your home with a comprehensive Glen Rock Home Insurance policy.

Use the right tools.

While you might think you can get away with using a makeshift tool for a small job, you’ll likely end up costing yourself more money down the line. A job completed poorly will force you to spend more money the second time to do it correctly. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive tool and you’re only planning on using it once, borrow one from a neighbor or consider renting it.

Be smart with landscaping.

Invest in water-wise landscaping. It’s not just about desert-friendly plants, it’s about plants that thrive on the amount of rain that naturally occurs in your climate, which translates to less watering and lower utility bills. And if done right, it can actually boost your home’s asking price when you sell, explains House Logic.

Make a decision.

Rather than waiting too long to shop for other deals, find the most value for your money and lock it in. If not, sales and inventory can pass you by and you’ll end up missing out on the sale altogether.

Focus on the big picture.

If you hire a contractor, be sure to look at more than just the bidding price when you make your selection. Warped walls and paint, crooked countertops, and misaligned tiles are just some of the issues you will run into when contractors cut corners to “save money.” Fixing these errors isn’t cheap, so be sure to hire a qualified and experienced contractor for the job.


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