How to Fight Workers’ Compensation Fraud

As Glen Rock NJ Workers’ Comp is a necessary coverage for the majority of businesses, it is important to foster a lawful and transparent program. Below are some ways that employers can educate their employees on proper practices and prevent against potential workers’ compensation fraud schemes.

Practice Good Hiring Practices

When hiring, conduct background checks and ensure the candidates do not have a criminal history, especially as it relates to fraud or workers’ comp schemes. However, this should not be used to dismiss the candidate immediately. If the report comes back with any suspicious activity, ask him or her directly to explain.

Video Surveillance

Installing video surveillance can help mitigate any phony claims by employees who claim to have been injured on the job. This way, footage will be available to determine the validity of claims.

Identify “Red Flags”

Claims made by individuals with fraudulent history, exaggerated details about the incident or symptoms they are suffering, have liens on their wages, and those who have a sporadic work history should be investigated closely.

Pay Close Attention to Coworkers

Ensure that there are no rumors circulating about the cause or nature of the incident. This could indicate fraud has been committed and can save the employer thousands of dollars.

Implement a Safety Plan

If someone is injured, Memic states to promptly recommend your predetermined medical provider, get a description of the accident and injury, report the injury immediately, investigate the claim, obtain evidence, and get names of witnesses.

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