Customer Retention Strategies for Your Small Business

Getting first-time customers when owning a small business can be difficult, but retaining your customers is even harder. When looking for small business insurance in Glen Rock, David G. Sayles has every option available. 32 percent of executives say that retaining existing customers is a priority, according to Small Business Trends. While the internet has made shopping a little easier for consumers, it’s also made it that much more difficult to keep the same customers coming back. You have to keep in mind now that any negative experience can bring your company down at any given time. If a customer feels like they have been wronged in some way, they can take their business elsewhere. And with places like Yelp existing online, people can leave reviews that impact you later.

As a small business owner, every customer counts. Learn ways to combat this problem. Check out this list of customer retention strategies for small businesses:

Create a Customer Rewards Program

A simple way to give back to customers and keep them coming back is by creating a customer loyalty program, according to ThriveHive. It’s an easy, cost-effective way to give incentives for coming back and purchasing from your business. There’s a few different ways you can do your rewards program. For example, you could do a referral-type program, or you could do something more like a stamp card that keeps track of purchases. By doing exclusive sales or discounts for those card holders, you can ensure that you’ll have a happy, returning customer.

Utilize Email Marketing

Do your emails the smart way and use email marketing strategies to make sure you keep customers coming back to your store. This doesn’t mean bombard your customers with emails, but make sure they know about upcoming sales and discounts. You can turn new customers into returning ones by communicating information, building relationships and generating leads or sales. Creating a relationship with your customers is the key goal. You want them to feel like they personally know you and your company.

Recruit Social Media Influencers

Another way you can get customers coming back is by recruiting social media influencers. Utilizing an advocate helps speak for your business. You can build relationships with your customers by doing email campaigns, social media follow up and product inserts. This is a cost-effective way to drive continuous sales to your small business, and it effectively promotes your business across all sectors.


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