Crisis Management: Avoiding Negative Review Blunders

Earning your customers’ trust and building a positive reputation for your business is not something that happens overnight. In fact, this process could take months – or years – to accomplish. So, what happens when you fall short and someone posts a negative review about your small business? The impact of a negative review is much more significant on a small business, especially when you’re trying to earn business, which is why we’re exploring ways to mitigate this potential crisis before it happens. Luckily, this is why you carry NJ General Liability Insurance to protect your bottom line should something go awry.

Monitor your page.

The best way to mitigate damage is to regularly check your reviews and what customers have to say. This is a great indicator of what you’re doing well and what you need to improve on. Even if you have a lot going on, check up on your online reputation to identify negative experiences immediately. Pay close attention to Yelp and other niche sites that can be especially damaging to your reputation.

Hire professionals.

If your business is growing and you don’t have the time to monitor your social pages or review sites, now is the time to hire professionals who can. Not only can professionals monitor and post things on your sites, they can help you create a positive brand image.


It’s important to respond to online reviews — regardless of whether they recommend your brand or not. When responding, be patient and tactful to engage customers, says Small Business Trends.

Take a moment to collect your thoughts and respond thoughtfully. Never respond in anger, even if the customer is less than polite in their review. On the other hand, if someone had a great experience, be sure to thank them for the time they took to write a positive review and invite them back.

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