Considering Starting a Brewery? Here’s What You’ll Need

Let’s say homebrewing is your newfound passion. You love it, friends say you make great stuff. With American craft beer exports surpassing $125 million in 2017, according to the Brewer’s Association, you think it’s time to make the jump. And now you want to open a business. But where do you even start?

There are a million things that have to be done to run a business, especially one that is serving craft beer to the public. You’ll need insurance for your small business to make everything else run smoothly. Focus on crafting your tasty beers while David G. Sayles Insurance Services in Glen Rock does all the heavy lifting. As long as you have a precise business plan ready to adapt to the playing field that is the craft beer industry. Learn how to make your brewery stand out from the rest. If you’re considering starting a brewery, here’s a list of what you’ll need, courtesy of Bplans.

Planning the Brewery

First things first, you have to plan this thing out. Define a clear vision or pathway for what you want. What type of brewery will you be opening? Next, make sure commitment is embedded into the craft. Focus heavily on crafting your beers because without them, there’s nothing. You want to always ensure that you create quality over quantity. Make sure to secure relationships that you’ll need in order to keep your company flourishing. The final step of planning includes getting the proper licensing needed for your establishment. Obtaining a federal license, also known as the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) permit, can take some time.

Finding the Perfect Location

Picking a location can be difficult. You want a storefront that’s easily accessible, but it all depends on what kinds of laws and regulations your town has against breweries. With that being said, finding a location can get pretty technical. It all depends on zoning laws. Another thing to consider is whether you’re going to want to expand in the future years.

Building Lasting Community Relationships

It’s important to grow relationships with both the community and with your vendors, that way everyone’s happy. You want your vendors to keep doing business with you and you want the community to support your business. It’s also important to form lasting relationships with your employees, because they are the ones who are helping run the show.

Obtaining Brewery Insurance

Breweries, just like any other business, need a host of insurances to protect them. Make sure you consult an agent to find out the best Glen Rock small business insurance you can receive for your company. Your agent should typically be one who has experience in dealing with breweries or wineries.  Some coverages you might need include property insurance, business income and extra expense coverage, crime coverage, product recall coverage and equipment breakdown coverage. Other things you might need include key man insurance, commercial auto insurance, and worker’s comp, especially if you have people on your payroll.

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