Classic Car Care: Washing Tips

Caring for a classic car requires a bit more effort than its newer counterparts. From storing it in a climate controlled environment to using the right cleaning products, antique cars are a labor of love. However, with this useful information and the right Glen Rock Collector Car Insurance policy, you can keep your vehicles road-ready and looking great for years to come.

Start at the top.

No matter what kind of a car or truck you may be washing, starting at the top is always going to be a must if you want the best results. When you start at the top of a car, it prevents grime from falling onto a section of the car that is already clean and re-contaminating it. If you were to start at the bottom of the car, you are bound to get harsh metal shavings from the brakes as well as oils and other dirt from the roadways all over the car. When you begin at the top, all of this safely washes away and is not pulled from one area of the car to another where it could potentially cause paint scratches or other damage, recommends Professional Car Washing and Detailing.

Focus on the details, especially soap.

This is not the time or place to use dish soap to wash your car. Classic cars require a specific type of soap to prevent the paint from turning dull and lifeless. The right kind will be thick and foamy and leave the car looking shiny and new.

Work your way down.

Once the painted surfaces are cleaned, you can focus on the wheels. As mentioned above, doing so will prevent brake shavings or grime from getting mixed in with the paint and making it dull over time.


After the car has been fully washed, it is very important for a classic car to be completely dried before it leaves the carwash parking lot. Since water contains small minerals, it will dry and leave mineral marks on the paint of a car. Drying is one of the most important steps when washing a classic car and you need to use a soft leather chamois or a soft microfiber towel instead of regular hand towels as these can scratch the surface of the car, states the article.

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