Classic Car Care: Storage Tips

In our last blog, we talked about the basics of collector car care and how to keep it road ready for years to come. One of the biggest factors to upkeeping your vehicles is to store it properly. If you’re not equipped with your own garage, you’ll need to invest in a commercial storage space to keep the car in mint condition. In addition, your storage space and your Glen Rock Collector Car Insurance policy will protect the vehicle against potential hazards including vandalism, theft, and damage.

Keep it insulated.

Collector cars don’t often fare well in the cold. Ensure whatever commercial space you rent is insulated well to prevent harsh drops in temperature during the bitter cold months.

Declutter the space.

If you’re using your storage space for other traditional garage items, keep your collector car free of unnecessary dings by securing items to the wall. Hanging your tools, rakes, brooms, bicycles, and more on a pegboard can help de-clutter your classic car garage and keep your ride safe.

Light it up.

Without ample lighting, it’s easy for dings and scratches to go unnoticed. One simple light fixture installed in the middle of the garage is enough to shed light on any potential issues with your car’s exterior.

Lock it.

Three hinges, a deadbolt lock, and even head and foot bolts are necessary for your vehicle’s protection. For true car lovers who are concerned for the safety of their vehicles should inspect the door of the storage unit before securing the space to determine if the garage door is made of thick wood or steel first.


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