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Tailoring Your Coverage to Your General Liability Needs

Risk is an inherent part of running a business and moving it profitably forward, whether it’s to expand by opening another location, adding more staff, or developing new products and services. With this risk comes the need to properly safeguard your assets to continue on your road to success. Our staff at David G. Sayles Insurance Services is committed to helping companies like yours protect the value of your business with insurance protection designed to address complex and diverse liability exposures.

Our general liability insurance policy, of course, will provide coverage in the event visitors to your business – whether you are a storefront, office or manufacturing operation – are injured on your premises or there is damage to their property. It will also provide for allegations of libel or slander for which you are legally liable.

Yet, we go beyond the basic policy. We will conduct a top-to-bottom assessment of your operations to get a full picture of where your liability exposures lie. You may have pollution liability risks, for example, that need to be a part of your insurance protection. As a manufacturer, for instance, you will have product liability risks to address. Importers and exporters have a similar exposure, in addition you may have a professional liability exposure typically not covered under general liability insurance and requires a specific E&O policy. Non-profits can be the target of sexual and abuse liability claims, which without specific coverage for these types of allegations, would not be covered.

Working together with you, we will address not only your general liability exposures but also specific risks unique to your business and industry. We will also assist you in determining how much coverage you need to avert being underinsured. Commercial umbrella insurance will be a part of our discussion when reviewing your needs.