Brewery Success Habits: Impeccable Customer Service

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In this series of posts, we’ve covered the basic habits that all successful service breweries should possess. Arguably the most important is ample beer knowledge, which we covered in our last blog. Now, it’s time to focus on customer service. Think about it: if your customers are not well-informed, taken care of, and don’t enjoy a positive experience, what incentive would they have to return? Without customers, any business would cease to exist. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into what it means to offer exceptional customer service and build a name and reputation for yourself. Next, address your insurance needs with a Glen Rock Brewery Insurance policy.

Demonstrate your appreciation.

Offer a loyalty program, encourage leaving positive reviews, create a community of followers, and host a loyalty party to show how much you appreciate your customers. Alternatively, it can be as easy as sending an email to your customers with a promotional offer that others don’t have access to. Treat your customers right; after all, they are the reason you opened the brewery in the first place.

Add a personal touch.

As Brewery Finance states, customers are people. They don’t want to be treated like a number or a writing assignment, so make your messages friendly and personable. Write how you would talk to friends (but keep it appropriate). Whether it is an email, letter, or phone call, make sure to use your customers’ first names as much as possible.

Go the extra mile.

If you get a request to host an unusually large party, for example, don’t be quick to say no. Showing your customers you care and going the extra mile for them will ensure they know they’re valued and you’re willing to work with their needs.

Train your employees to service customers.

Anyone can ring up a sale, but it takes practice and finesse to get to know the customer and make it a personal experience for them. If you focus your culture on service, your customers will notice.

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