Boat Storage Location Options for Winter

If you haven’t already, now is the time to store your boat for winter. Blizzards and storms are on the horizon, which means your boat would be better off in a warm, dry location. In this article, we’ll explore some various options for you to store your boat this winter season, including the pros and cons of each. Most importantly, keep your Glen Rock Boat Insurance intact the whole year.

Option #1: In your driveway.

If you have the room in your driveway, you can store your boat there throughout winter without incurring a dime. However, the cons of this set up can be a little more disheartening. First, your boat is exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, hail and sleet. Even with a boat cover, your vessel can still become damaged. Factor in pests, neighborhood regulations about driveway storage, and potential for theft before choosing to store your boat in your driveway.

Option #2: In your garage.

This is a little more secure than leaving your boat out in your driveway, and it protects the vessel from winter’s harsh elements. While this option is also cost-effective, you’ll be minimizing your garage space for the remainder of the year and your boat is still exposed to pests who seek shelter from the cold.

Option #3: Dry rack boat storage.

These are harder to come by, and can be used with an expensive price tag. Usually found in coastal areas, they’ll run you about $400 a month. But, this allows for easy access and your boat will be indoors for the winter. However, if there aren’t any dry racks in your area, you’ll have to drive a long way to get access to one.

Option #4: Storage facility.

No matter where you live, whether you are on the coast or in a landlocked state, you have the simple, easy-to-accomplish solution of winterizing your boat and keeping it at a self-storage facility for the duration of winter. Self-storage facilities are common all across the country, and many of them can accommodate large vehicles such as automobiles, RVs, and most certainly boats, says Storage Talk.

This allows your boat to be secluded from the elements, easy access, advanced security and free of pests. However, depending on your storage budget, this might break the bank. Depending on the amenities of the storage facility, the price tag varies.

If you’re planning on moving your boat to a storage facility, inquire online about their features, security and price to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

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