Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes New Homeowners Make

For most people, buying a house equates to making the biggest purchase of their lives. While you might be in a rush to make it your own, there are some costly mistakes that new homeowners make that negatively affect the home’s value and compromise the safety of it in the long run. In this blog, we’ll cover the three biggest glitches you can make. Before reading on, be sure to protect your new investment with a Glen Rock Home Insurance policy.

Using attics as storage.

Garage and attic trusses are designed to support the weight of the roof and ceiling and not the weight of anything else. Unfortunately, many homeowners view the space in the attic and above the garage ceiling as a great place for additional storage. Storing household goods in these areas can result in sagging and even a possible collapse of the roof structure. If a homeowner wishes to use this space for storage, a structural engineer should be consulted to determine if additional reinforcement is necessary, explains RIS Media.

Walking on the roof.

Whether you’re hanging Christmas lights or you just want to scope out the health of your roof, walking on it is never advised. Not only is this dangerous, but you run the risk of creates holes and leaks in your roof from doing so. If you have to retrieve something form the roof, use a ladder and a telescoping pole.

Failing to use fans.

Bathroom and laundry fan noise might be a nuisance to the homeowner, but they are meant to rid the room of excess humidity, which can cause damage over time. In fact, failure to use the vent fans can result in water vapor getting into the drywall, electrical outlets and even the framing members. Over time, mold, mildew and fungi may grow in these areas. Water vapor that condenses on walls and windows can eventually find its way into the walls of the home and weaken the structure through dry rot.

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