A Motorcycle Buying Checklist for Safe and Enjoyable Riding

When you decide to make the switch from car transport to riding a motorcycle, it’s not enough to just buy the motorcycle. Any safe rider is going to need to purchase motorcycle insurance and other things to keep them safe while out on the road. Since motorcycles are smaller and offer less protection for the driver on the road, there are multiple things that you’re going to need to take care of before you take it out for its first spin.

Some things are more obvious than others, but for any first-time rider, it’s important to read a comprehensive list that’s going to set the rider up for smooth sailing. Whether it’s used or brand new, here’s what you need to know about buying a motorcycle.

Getting the Right Gear is Key

Since a motorcycle offers no protection for a rider in the event of an accident, it’s imperative that every rider has the proper gear to protect them from the elements. If you don’t have the right gear to jump on a motorcycle, it’s time to do some shopping.

Helmets alone are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and about 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute.

The peculiar part is that while having a helmet is the least you can do for your safety, only 19 states require them to be worn. This doesn’t mean that you should forego wearing a helmet. In the event of an accident, it could be the thing that saves your life, and during everyday rides it will offer protection from strong winds, rain, and other elemental considerations.

A helmet is the bare minimum any rider needs. It’s also good to purchase eye protection, a strong, durable jacket, gloves, riding pants and good boots, advises the AARP. It’s also critical to have gear that’s going to get a rider through inclement weather, such as rain. A waterproof jacket and gloves will go a long way in keeping you safe and healthy.

If You Purchase a Used Motorcycle, Make Sure Nothing is Left Out

When buying a brand new bike, everything about it is going to be unused. But when you’re buying a used motorcycle, it’s vital to find out what parts of the bike need to be fixed.

If you’re not sure what to consider when purchasing a motorcycle, here’s some quick tips via BikeExif:

  1. Knowing your research is key. Check out prices, listing photos or even motorcycle forums for tidbits on specific bikes. Asking the seller what needs to be fixed on the bike before viewing is also best.
  2. While buying a brand new bike means that you don’t have to whip out a flashlight and a screwdriver to inspect every inch of it, not everyone’s going to want to purchase something new. If a new bike is outside your budget, think about going for a used one instead.
  3. Before checking on a bike, ensure that no one’s ran the engine. This is also called a cold start.
  4. The first thing to do once you’ve seen the bike is inspect every facet of it before taking a listen to the engine and ending with a test run. Any issues with the gas pedal, the brakes, the engine or any other technology (mirrors, blinkers, gauges, tires) on the bike also needs to be noted and addressed before purchase.

Before setting out, it’s always crucial to make sure that you have a New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance policy and that it is up-to-date and ready to cover you, no matter what happens on the streets.

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