7 Great Trips to Take with Your Motorcycle or ATV Before the Summer Ends

There’s something so special about touring by motorcycle or ATV. The enhanced sense of freedom. The heightened adventure and awareness as you sweep through twists and turns. The beautiful sights, up close and personal. Summer is quickly coming to a close, but before the days grow short and the nights grow cold, there’s still some time left to squeeze in a scenic ride on your ATV or motorcycle.

Wherever you go and however long your trip is, be sure to secure motorcycle and ATV insurance before heading out! You can take advantage of what nature has to offer with these stretches of land that are great for motorcycle or ATV rides. Stay safe and have a wonderful time!

1. Imperial Dunes 

Otherwise known as Glamis, this is the largest concentration of rideable sand dunes in the United States. There are three main riding areas that are situated between the Coachella Canal and the railroad tracks. The Mexican border provides the southern fence line. The Mammoth wash area makes up the northern end. You can even easily camp right on the edge of the dunes!

2. Mojave Desert  

Here you can ride for days without seeing the same piece of dirt twice. You can start in the populated California City or take a trip to the historic ghost town of Randsburg for a night’s rest.

3. Oregon Coast 

Explore the dunes with the cool Pacific Ocean waves to the west of you, then you can head East to take a trip through the pine forests. The entire area stretches over 40 miles from north to south. Unique to the area are 30 small lakes that dot the dunes and forests.

4. Pacific Coast Highway

From Carmel to Morro Bay is scenic roadway like no other, the Big Sur section offers crashing surf, towering redwood forests, seal-dotted beaches, and enough curves to keep you contented end to end. This cliff-hugging stretch is 120 miles and has frequent turnouts for enjoying the epic views. It extends along pretty much the entire California coast.

5. Beartooth Highway

With dozens of hairpins and switchbacks, beginning at Red Lodge, Montana, the National Scenic Byway is a roller-coaster ride as it travels up through Beartooth Pass in Wyoming. It zigzags the entire way as it cuts across the Custer and Shoshone National Forests and sweeps through above-tree line tundra. High alpine meadows burst into bloom in summer, while lakes reflect snow-capped summits. 

6. Going-to-the-Sun Road

Remote and accessible solely in summer, this epic 50-mile stretch in Montana is a holy grail for serious riders. Motorcycle and ATV insurance should be in place no matter the level of rider you are. The up-and-down thriller has endless twists and turns. It transcends Glacier National Park, climbing 3,000 feet from Lake McDonald to the 6,646-foot summit at Logan Pass. You can stop at Jackson Glacier Overlook for unforgettable views. 

7. Coastal Route One

You can ride the coastal section of Maine’s U.S. Route 1 from Brunswick to Machias for a quintessential New England experience. The 167-mile stretch of two-lane asphalt leads through quaint seaside villages and past dozens of historic lighthouses. You will encounter scenic detours as you dawdle through towns along the way, although the road does have some open sections with high-speed, sweeping curves

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