5 Good Reasons to Let Your Sick Employees Stay Home

Small businesses rely on their dedicated employees to help balance the day to day tasks of operating. The thought of employees calling in sick, especially more than one at a time and during flu season, can be daunting. Business doesn’t stop because your employees are sick, but sick employees in the office are counterproductive. In this article, we’re going to give you five good reasons you should let your workers take the day off. As we make a case for why your employees shouldn’t attempt to work while they’re sick, protect your business and its processes with a Glen Rock EPLI policy.

It starts the sick cycle.

The flu is a major contributor to loss of earnings and medical bills each year. If one person comes to work with the flu, chances are, more people will get it. Not to mention, working while sick extends the recovery time and reduces their productivity.

It hurts productivity.

Letting your employees take a few sick days to recover is better than hurting the productivity of the whole team. What’s more, office communications and morale can be negatively affected by unhappy employees who felt obligated to come to work in less than stellar conditions.

It costs your business money.

“There can be a large cost burden to the company as well in terms of lost productivity and revenue. A good portion of these costs can be avoided by simply staying home from work when feeling sick. In fact, using a flu epidemic simulator, the University of Pittsburgh found that staying home from work for just one day when an employee has the flu reduced the risk of transmission to coworkers by 25 percent! That risk can be decreased even further, by 40 percent, by staying home for two days,” says Olivia Curtis, a workplace wellness expert at HR company G&A Partners, to Small Business Trends.

It increases insurance costs.

To some, a flu is a small issue that will run its course in a week or so. However, forcing employees to work while ill can increase your healthcare insurance costs. Allowing a day or two of rest can minimize doctor visits and medication costs for both the employee and your business.

It increases other risks.

When employees are under the weather, they aren’t as sharp as they normally would be. Flu symptoms often include grogginess, which can lead to an accidental but serious injury on the job.

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