4 Surprising Ways to Save on Home Insurance

Protecting your biggest investment is a necessity most homeowners don’t question. However, rather than just paying the premium without asking questions, it may prove beneficial to do some research before settling on your policy. In this article, we’re going to explore the four surprising things that can save you money on your Glen Rock Home Insurance policy.

Secure your pool.

Swimming pools are considered an “attractive nuisance,” a potential danger that can cause rate spikes in your home insurance. The most at-risk users, of course, are the children in your household, but you can also be liable for harm done by people who use your pool—even without your permission, says Bob Vila. If you want to save some cash and protect your children, invest in self-locking gates, a fence, and protective equipment for the pool.

Keep your fireplace up to code.

Wood burning fireplaces might be the best feature the home has, but without proper installation and safety, these décor elements can lead to housefires. To prevent an increase in your premium, provide your insurance carrier with proof that it was installed to code by a licensed professional. Be sure to also place more fire detectors in the home, as well.

Protect your home business.

If you work from home, chances are, you’ve got a variety of computers, printers, and equipment you use daily. In the event your home was burglarized or suffered a flood or fire, these are just more items your insurance company will have to replace – all for a price. Invest in a home business insurance policy to ensure all of your equipment is covered.

Boost your credit score.

Credit score goes hand in hand with mortgage loan rates, and some states allow insurance companies to utilize your credit score as a means to predict the likelihood you have of filing a claim, which can affect your cost. Keep an eye on your credit score and pay bills on time each month to keep your score high.

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